Monday, October 3, 2011

What it's been almost 3 years?

Wow, time really does fly, it's been almost 3 years since I posted last. I have posted a new family picture but even that is almost 1 year old. You can see that Ryan ages well, I always knew he would get even Hotter with age. Me on the other hand have not changed a bit, don't I still look like I did in High School? I was hoping I would look like a women by now. Maybe by the next time I post another picture I will, ha ha. So much has happended that I am not even going to attempt to update with everything. Ok, so it has been the craziest year of our lives! I will just touch on the basics. We are expecting our third boy in about 2 weeks, can't wait! I was crazy sick again with this one so it might be the last. We have moved to Sandy, just East of where we used to be. It is suppose to be temporary but you never know. I have started my own business selling the first, "Baby Blowout Protector", check it out at It has been so much stinking fun to do. Ryan and I are now in our 30's and I can't believe that we are actually a little family now, with almost 3 kids. We will soon have our first of many Minivans. I am grateful every year for the year that has pasted. Our children have given new meaning to life and we would be extreemly borred without them. I hope it won't be another 3 years until you hear from me again! Just wanted to post so you know that we were still alive and well.

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The Lunds said...

Yay for an update! Keep them coming!